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Does your organisation currently actively promote awareness of domestic violence as an issue to staff?

Has your organisation taken part in any of the following public awareness events for domestic violence?

Does your organisation inform staff of where to get support if they are affected by domestic violence?

Does your company currently have a policy on domestic violence?

That's great, can you tell us a bit more about your policy, which of the following does it include?

The Alliance can provide tailored audits of policies and procedures and help you close any gaps in your existing policies as part of our Development programme. Once you have closed the gaps through our Excellence and Beyond programme work with you to go even further. Would you like one of the Alliance team to contact you about the potential support we can offer?

If you opted 'yes' one of the team will be in touch within the next seven working days. If you need more urgent help or advice then please go to the contact us section of the website and give us a call

No problem if you opted 'no.' Hopefully the website gives you a sense of what we can offer and why addressing domestic violence is important. Feel free to contact us anytime you would like to find out more.

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